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Restorative / Cosmetic Treatment

Whitening / Zoom+

White fillings+

They are used to repair decayed or fractured teeth. These are natural looking fillings and are matched to your existing teeth color. They are bonded and polished to the natural teeth.


These are used to repair the decayed, broken, and stained teeth. They are custom made porcelain restorations. They are an alternative treatment for a filling. The process is a very conservative approach to restore your tooth as opposed to a crown (cap). The preparation is the same as when the tooth is getting a filling, yet it is a more permanent and anatomically natural looking restoration. The inlay is custom made by the laboratory and is cemented permanently.


They are used to restore the teeth that are chipped, stained, rotated, misshaped and spaced. They reshape the teeth to create the desired long lasting smile. They are alternative treatments to crowns. They are thin porcelain facings that are bonded to the natural teeth with minimal preparations. The process is very conservative yet it has a dramatic effect on the appearance.




These are substitute roots that are supported by the natural jaw bone. These artificial teeth are the best alternative treatment for those that have lost teeth due to injury or periodontal/ gum disease. Up to just a few years ago, dentures and fixed bridges were the only treatment for missing teeth. With the advent of the implants, the former are no longer considered to be current dental treatment. Implants can replace missing or damaged teeth, be an anchor to your bridge or even to your full denture. Implants are made out of titanium and are very strong, stable and durable.

During your initial exam, you will be evaluated by our in- house periodontist. The periodontist will evaluate your x-rays, the amount of jaw bone you have, and the condition of the rest of your teeth. If you are a candidate, your impression is taken and you will be prepared for the surgical placement of the implants. We provide you with a temporary prostheses until the implant is ready to be restored with a crown.

Implants are the optimal treatment especially for a single missing tooth. They are single restorations without sacrificing the adjacent teeth which is what happens for bridge preparations. They don't change your speech which would be affected with the removable prostheses/ dentures. They give support to your sagging face and drooping lips. Ultimately, they are the best solution for missing teeth.

Fixed Bridges+

If a patient is not a candidate for implants, then the fixed bridge is the optimum treatment. The adjacent teeth to the missing tooth/ teeth serve as anchors to support the bridge. Then the bridge is custom made by the laboratory and it gets cemented permanently on the prepared teeth.

Complete & Partial Dentures+

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